Time Dilation Part 1

It would only make sense for time to be constant, we find it very difficult to believe that the time can slow down or speed up. However, it has been proven that in fact it will change. Therefore, time dilation has to do with the change in time due to either a change in velocity or due to the effects of gravity. This also plays s major part in the movie “Interstellar”.

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Theory of Uniformity

We Practically know nothing about the universe, therefore we try to gather information about it using new technology and theory’s which should apply all over the universe. One of these theory´s is the principal of homogeneity or uniformity. This states that the universe is the same everywhere. Continue reading



Solar flares have been seen various times. However only since the Kepler mission four years ago we have got first and experience about Superflares, which can be devastating to the planet and cause problems for life on earth.

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Why another physics blog?

“Why for heaven’s sake would you want to study physics? Are you a nerd? What will you learn with that? And what do you want to work as after? “

Physics is one of the most important sciences for modern research. In my blog I would like to inform you about my path to university, explain what fascinates and astonishes me and show how we are confronted with physical phenomena every day. And perhaps I will be able to change the ´fear´ of physics to a curiosity.